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Sarah San (Lic.Ac, MBAcC)

Sarah's journey into Chinese Medicine and acupuncture began after experiencing the profound benefits of acupuncture for her own gynaecological health. She also experienced the additional benefits of regulating her menstrual cycle and reducing her pre-menstrual symptoms which she later discovered were all interlinked. 

After living in Australia for 10 years and working in the corporate world, Sarah returned to the UK and re-trained as a Licentiate Acupuncturist from the renowned City College of Acupuncture, London. She was attracted to this course as it offers one of the few qualifications formally recognised by the Department of Health. During her time as a clinical student practitioner, Sarah observed and worked with many chronically ill patients suffering from long covid, chronic IBS, myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue (ME/CFS), multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, fertility and chronic pain. 

Sarah is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council and a member of the Professional Standards Agency - one of the few acupuncture memberships that is fully recognised by the NHS. She also attends regular supervision to ensure she continues to deepen her clinical and practitioner-patient skills.

Sarah is currently undergoing further training under internationally renowned tui na practitioner, Sarah Pritchard. Tui na is a form of Chinese Medicine massage that uses the hands instead of needles and is effective for treatment in children as well as adults. ​ 


In 2024, Sarah plans to undertake a specialist training course in treating children under the tutelage of UK's leading paediatric acupuncturist, Rebecca Avern. 

Sarah gives back to the community working as an acupuncturist at St Luke's Cancer Centre at the Royal Surrey Hospital. She also assists in teaching undergraduate acupuncturists at the City College of Acupuncture, London. 

Qualifications, membership and specialist training courses:

Lic.Ac Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)

Professional Standards Agency (PSA)

BSc (1st Class Honours)​ Management Studies

ARRC 2023 Conference - 'Glaucoma - Can Acupuncture Help?'

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